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Community Relief/Emergency Fund

Community Relief/Emergency Fund

A Second Chance at Life

If you love your family the way I love mine, please read this entire letter.

I was recently just inches away from losing my life and the chance to meet my first grandchild. Health Care Heroes at John Muir Health saved my life at a time when I desperately wanted to live. I will be forever grateful to those caregivers, and to you, for your generous and continued support of people and programs at John Muir Health!

A John Muir Health Patient Recovering from COVID-19

“Margaret, I just dropped Val off at John Muir Health. I’m so scared for her and I’m not sure what to do!” The call was from one
of my dearest friends, Don Magalhaes. As a former John Muir Health employee, I spent years working with patients as the
Director of Cardiovascular Service Line Clinical Operations, but this time, it was my own heart that stopped. Valerie was one of
‘my own’ — a close friend, neighbor, community member, and fellow mother.